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Technical Skills and Know-how

I started my career of model builder at the age of 14! Over the years, I have acquired a set of personal knowledge and techniques that I use to build my sailing ship models today.

New building raw materials
I like the idea of building objects out of unusual materials. That's how the idea of making a cardboard sailing boat came to me! "Paper", "cardboard" are words that sound weird next to "water". Yet, I found a way to make cardboard waterproof.
The idea is to design and cut each part of the boat model into 14mm wide cardboard pieces.
These cardboard pieces are made of two light cardboard sheets with corrugated cardboard in between. I then soak the cardboard boat parts into epoxy resin. Once the resin has dried out, the cardboard is solid, waterproof, and yet still very light.

Endeavour and Sharmari are two splendid sailing boats that I made entirely out of cardboard and paper (this later was used for some details on the deck)! While their weight is incredibly low, they sail beautifully.

View of the Endeavour deck, entirely made out of cardboard and paper.

Drawings design
Another passion of mine is to design boat drawings. I really have developed a special taste for perfect shapes! I can not only design the drawing of an existing boat after pictures, but also imagine new boat shapes from scratch. This is how I imagined the curves and proportions of Sharmari, which is my own perfect and private sailing boat model! Some of the drawings I have made are available. If you are interested in such drawings, just get in touch with me using my email link provided in this site.

Drawing for the Team New Zealand sails