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François Couture
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In 1984, Elizabeth Meyer bought the shipwreck of this famous 1934 British America's Cup challenger.
After 5 years of hard work, Endeavour looked like a brand new boat... even nicer than she originally was!
I personally met Mrs. Meyer in Newport, RI in 1997 and I was very impressed by her passion for classic sailing boats.
She also founded the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport .
I also wanted to pay a tribute to designer Charles Nicholson's 1934 masterpiece.

Endeavour's restored version modeled by François Couture in the roaring fourties of the Bois de Boulogne lake in Paris!
Technical features :
Scale model :
1/14 radiocontrolled entirely built out of corrugated
2.80 m
Height: approx. 3.50 m. above water
Weight: 65Kg (approx 130Lbs)

Our latest and bigger Endeavour, made out of wood this time