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The Antarctica was originally built for polar expeditions purposes.
It belonged to Docteur Jean-Louis Etienne, who organized a number of such expeditions with Antarctica.
The Antarctica is the world biggest sailing dinghy.
The particular shapes of the boat prevent it from being destroyed by polar ices. These specific features have proven to be really efficient as Docteur Jean-Louis Etienne spent a winter in Spitzberg. When spring came and ices melted, the boat was free again and in perfect condition.

The Antarctica cruising.
Docteur Jean-Louis Etienne's comment on the Antarctica scale model
François Couture posing with Antarctica
François Couture and Jean-Louis Etienne by the Antarctica

Technical features of the Antarctica:
Length: 2.57 m
Beam: 71 cm.
Height: approx. 2.50 m. above water
Weight: 51 Kg 1/14 scale model.