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François Couture
3, rue Gazan
75014 Paris
Tel/Fax: +33 1 45 88 89 47


I personally designed Sharmari
(after the names of my two beloved children :Charles and Marie)
Therefore you'll never see her sailing on any ocean of the world!
It was also my first cardboard made model.
Turning a piece of cardboard into an actual floating boat was a very attractive challenge to me. Moreover, cardboard is lighter, cheaper and easier to work with than wood.

The Sharmari on the RC Marine podium, at the 1999 World Scale model Exhibition in Paris
Technical features of the Sharmari:
Scale: 1/10 radiocontrolled model
2.63 m
Height: 3.51 m. above water
Weight: 35 Kg (approx 64 Lbs)